2023 local government elections -Celibashi meets EU and US Ambassadors

05/04/2023 | News

State Election Commissioner, Ilirjan Celibashi met today with EU Ambassador Christiane Hohmann and US Ambassador Yuri Kim.

Commissioner Celibashi briefed the Ambassadors about the Central Elections Commission’s preparations ahead of the local elections of 14 May 2023, issues such as misuse of state resources, transparency of election funding and the integrity of candidates running in elections.

During the meeting, the two Ambassadors Hohmann and Kim underlined that May 14, elections are not simply elections to elect the local government, but a real test for the progress of Albanian democracy and the eyes of all international partners are focused on these elections.

Commissioner Celibashi highlighted that the number of the state institutions reporting to the CEC has doubled, 20 public activities were prohibited, the number of sanctions have tripled and guaranteed  Ambassadors Hohmann and Kim that CEC will continue to remain detached from the politics and will continue to act only in compliance with the law.

Commissioner Celibashi thanked the EU Ambassador and US Ambassador for their strong support to the CEC and the contribution to the institution.

News2023 local government elections -Celibashi meets EU and US Ambassadors