2023 Local Government Elections – Ranking of electoral subjects and candidates for Mayor in ballot determined

13/04/2023 | News

Today, during the public session of the State Election Commissioner the lot was drawn to determine the ranking of the electoral subjects in the ballot paper and the ranking of candidates for for Mayor in the ballot paper, for May 14, 2023 local government elections.

According to the result of the lot, the ranking of electoral subjects in the ballot paper is as follows:

  1. “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. “Socialist Party of Albania”;
  3. “Agrarian Environmentalist Party of Albania”;
  4. “Albanian Republican Party”;
  5. “Legality Movement Party”
  6. “Social Democracy Party”
  7. “Right Liberal Alliance” Coalition
  8. “Social Democrat Party”
  9. “Democratic Party”
  10. “Progressive Alliance L.ZH.K” Party
  11. “New Democratic Spirit” Party
  12. “ Justice, Integration and Unity” Party
  13. “Party for Europeanization and Integration of Albania”
  14. “Democratic Alliance Party of Albania”
  15. “Democratic Creed” Party
  16. “The Party for Protection of Emigrants Rights”
  17. “National Arber Alliance” Party;
  18. “National Front Party”;
  19. ”Alliance for Democracy and Solidarity” Party;
  20. “Albanian Labour Movement” Party;
  21. “Left Front” Party
  22. “National Unity Party”
  23. “Green Party”;
  24. “Conservatory Party”;
  25. “ NEW Movement” Party;
  26. “Alliance For Equality and European Justice| Party”
  27. ”National Conservatory Party Albania”
  28. “Party for Protection of Workers’ Rights of Albania”;
  29. “Alliance of Macedonians for European Integration Party”;
  30. “Albanian Emigration Party”;
  31. “Albanian Democratic Reforms Party”;
  32. “Communist Party of Albania”
  33. “Hour of Albania Party”
  34. “Christian Democrat Party of Albania Party”;
  35. “Hashtag Initiative” Party;
  36. “Together Movement” Party;
  37. “ Greek Ethnic Minority for the Future” Party;
  38. “Demo-Christian Alliance Party of Albania”;
  39. “Albanian Demo-Christian League” Party
  40. “Albanian Future” Party


In four municipalities, the candidates proposed by the voters for members of municipal unit will be listed at the bottom of the ballot paper as follows:

  1. Kurbin Municipality, Diogjen Kolici and Rinaldo Pinoli;
  2. Sarandë Municipality, Ibrahim Bajrami and Sonaldo Nebo;
  3. Rrogozhinë Municipality, Mitat Daja and Fatjon Biba;
  4. Dibër Municipality, Astrit Ademi and Agim Hysa.

According to the result of the lot, the ranking of the candidates for Mayor in the ballot paper will be as follows:

Tiranë Municipality

  1. Arlind Qori – “Together Movement” Party;
  2. Marko Dajti – “Left Front” Party
  3. Lajla Pernaska – “Justice, Integration and Unity” Party;
  4. Erion Veliaj – “Socialist Party of Albania”;
  5. Belind Këlliçi – “Together We Win”
  6. Roland Bejko – “Democratic Party”

Belsh Municipality

  1. Arif Tafani – “Socialist Party of Albania”;
  2. Bedri Qypi – “Together We Win” Coalition

Berat Municipality

  1. Zija Ismaili – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Ervin Demo – Socialist Party of Albania”;

Bulqizë Municipality

  1. Defrim Fiku – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Festime Mjeshtri – “Socialist Party of Albania”;

Cërrik Municipality

  1. Servet Duzha – “Together We Win”Coalition
  2. Andis Salla – “Socialist Party of Albania”;

Delvinë Municipality

  1. Ilir Mehmeti – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Besmir Veli – “Socialist Party of Albania”;

Devoll Municipality

  1. Eduard Duro – “Socialist Party of Albania”;
  2. Elvis Hajdërlli – “Together We Win” Coalition
  3. Çlirim Hoxha – independent candidate

Diber Municipality

  1. Ismail Uka – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Naim Gazidede – “Democratic Party”
  3. Rahim Spahiu – “Socialist Party of Albania”;

Dimal Municipality

  1. Gentian Meçi – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Dritan Sula – “Democratic Party”
  3. Juliana Memaj – “Socialist Party of Albania”;

Divjakë Municipality

  1. Josif Gorrea – “Socialist Party of Albania”;
  2. Aurel Malko – “Together We Win” Coalition

Dropull Municipality

  1. Thanas Maneka –  “Together We Win” Coalition;
  2. Dhimitraq Toli – “Socialist Party of Albania”;

Durrës Municipality

  1. Igli Cara – “Together We Win” Coalition;
  2. Emiriana Sako – “Socialist Party of Albania”;

Elbasan Municipality

  1. Gledian Llatja – “Socialist Party of Albania”;
  2. Luçiano Boçi – “Together We Win” Coalition;

Fier Municipality

  1. Evdar Kodheli – “Together We Win” Coalition;
  2. Eriselda Çelaj – “Democratic Party”;
  3. Armando Subashi – “Socialist Party of Albania”

Finiq Municipality

  1. Leonidha Papa – “Democratic Party”;
  2. Leonidha Hristo – Coalition “Together We Win”;
  3. Romeo Çakuli – “Greek Minority for the Future” Party

Fushë Arrëz Municipality

  1. Fran Tuci – “Socialist Party of Albania”;
  2. Hil Curri – “Together We Win” Coalition

Gjirokastër Municipality

  1. Dorjan Lani – “Together We Win” Coalition;
  2. Flamur Golemi – “Socialist Party of Albania”;

Gramsh Municipality

  1. Hasim Çekrezi – Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Besion Ajazi – “Socialist Party of Albania

Has Municipality

  1. Miftar Dauti – Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Beqir Mulaj – “Socialist Party of Albania

Himarë Municipality

  1. Jorgo Goro – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Dhionisios Alfred Beleri – Together We Win” Coalition

Kamëz Municipality

  1. Rakip Suli – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Bilbil Bajraktari – “Democratic Party””;
  3. Arjan Hoxha – Together We Win” Coalition

Kavajë Municipality

  1. Fisnik Qosja – Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Redjan Krali – “Socialist Party of Albania

Këlcyrë Municipality

  1. Klement Ndoni – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Adriatik Spahiu – “Democratic Party””;
  3. Arjan Kasaj – “Together We Win” Coalition

Klos Municipality

  1. Valbona Kola – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Bedri Hoxha – “Together We Win” Coalition

Kolonjë Municipality

  1. Erion Isai – “Socialist Party of Albania”
  2. Et’hem Lumani – “Together We Win” Coalition

Konispol Municipality

  1. Ergest Dule – “Socialist Party of Albania”
  2. Fatmir Shero – “Together We Win” Coalition

Korçë Municipality

  1. Ledina Alolli – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Sotiraq Filo –  “Socialist Party of Albania”

Krujë Municipality

  1. Agron Loka – Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Artur Bushi – “Socialist Party of Albania

Kuçovë Municipality

  1. Kreshnik Hajdari – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Lefter Maliqi – “Together We Win” Coalition
  3. Ilirjan Koxhaj – “Democratic Party””;

Kukës Municipality

  1. Abedin Oruçi – “Partia për Europianizim dhe Integrimin e Shqipërisë”;
  2. Admir Sinamati – “Together We Win” Coalition
  3. Safet Gjici – “Socialist Party of Albania

Kurbin Municipality

  1. Behar Haxhiu – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Majlinda Cara – “Socialist Party of Albania

Lezhë Municipality

  1. Pjerin Ndreu – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Pashk Gjoni – “Together We Win” Coalition

Libohovë Municipality

  1. Leonard Hide – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Adil Xhelili – “Together We Win” Coalition

Librazhd Municipality

  1. Mariglen Disha – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Shefki Çota – “Together We Win” Coalition

Lushnjë Municipality

  1. Erisleda Sefa – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Eduart Sharka – “Together We Win” Coalition

Malësi e Madhe Municipality

  1. Isa Ramaj – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Tonin Marinaj – “Socialist Party of Albania

Maliq Municipality

  1. Alfred Gega  – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Gëzim Topçiu – “Socialist Party of Albania

Mallakastër Municipality

  1. Agron Kapllanaj – “Democratic Party”;
  2. Qerim Ismailaj – “Socialist Party of Albania”
  3. Resmi Shanaj – “Together We Win” Coalition

Mat Municipality

  1. Skënder Gjuci – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Agron Malaj –  “Socialist Party of Albania”

Memaliaj Municipality

  1. Gjolek Guci –  “Socialist Party of Albania”
  2. Albert Malaj –“Together We Win” Coalition

Mirditë Municipality

  1. Ndrec Dedaj “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Albert Mëlyshi – “Together We Win” Coalition

Patos Municipality

  1. Fation Duro – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Pranvera Rizaj – “Democratic Party”;
  3. Safije Alushaj – “Together We Win” Coalition

Peqin Municipality

  1. Mustafa Pashja – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Bukurosh Maçi – “Socialist Party of Albania

Përmet Municipality

  1. Edmond Komino – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Alma Hoxha – “Socialist Party of Albania

Pogradec Municipality

  1. Zini Tolozhina – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Ilir Xhakolli – “Socialist Party of Albania
  3. Rezart Laraku – “Lëvizja e Re”;

Poliçan Municipality

  1. Florian Qama – “Democratic Party”;
  2. Behar Xhaferraj –  “Together We Win” Coalition
  3. Adriatik Zotkaj – “Socialist Party of Albania

Prrenjas Municipality

  1. Nuri Bleba – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Suzana Topi – “Together We Win” Coalition

Pukë Municipality

  1. Rrok Dodaj – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Gjon Gjonaj – “Socialist Party of Albania

Pustec Municipality

  1. Pandi Jani – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Pali Kolefski – “Socialist Party of Albania

Roskovec Municipality

  1. Erdit Hazizaj – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Majlinda Bufi – “Socialist Party of Albania

Rrogozhinë Municipality

  1. Edison Memolla – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Shkëlqim Hoxha – “Together We Win” Coalition

Bashkia Sarandë Municipality

  1. Skënder Muço – “Democratic Party”;
  2. Ardit Çikuli – “Together We Win” Coalition
  3. Oltion Çaçi – “Socialist Party of Albania
  4. Gjergj Mërkuri – independent candidate

Selenicë Municipality

  1. Nertil Bellaj – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Leonard Rakipaj – “Together We Win” Coalition

Shijak Municipality

  1. Elton Arbana – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Rezeart Tusha – “Together We Win” Coalition

Shkodër Municipality

  1. Benet Beci – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Bardh Spahia – “Together We Win” Coalition

Skrapar Municipality

  1. Euglen Mustafallari – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Adriatik Mema – “Socialist Party of Albania

Tepelenë Municipality

  1. Sokol Guga – “Democratic Party”;
  2. Tërmet Peçi – “Socialist Party of Albania”
  3. Baftjar Imeri – “Together We Win” Coalition

Tropojë Municipality

  1. Besnik Duzhaj – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Rexhe Byberi – “Socialist Party of Albania

Vau i Dejës Municipality

  1. Klomentina Drini – “Democratic Party”;
  2. Kristjan Shkreli – “Socialist Party of Albania
  3. Zef Hila – “Together We Win” Coalition

Vlorë Municipality

  1. Hysni Sharra – “Together We Win” Coalition
  2. Ermal Dredha – “Socialist Party of Albania

Vorë Municipality

  1. Blerim Shera – “Socialist Party of Albania
  2. Indrit Hoxha – “Together We Win” Coalition

The commissioner approved the quantity of ballots to be produced for each voting center for local government elections. The total number of voting centers and voters is 5,211 VCs and  3,650,550 voters at the national level. The amount of ballots that must be produced for the elections for local government bodies on May 14, 2023, adding 2% (percent) over the number of voters. From the processing of the data, it results that there are a total of 5,211 VCs in the country, and the number of voters is 3,650,550 in the country. With decision no. 22, dated 1.2.2023 of the Commissioner, the pilot project for electronic voting and counting will be implemented in the municipalities of Elbasan, Kamëz and Vorë, for these municipalities the full amount of ballot papers will not be produced. The amount of ballots that will be produced for municipalities where electronic voting and counting is implemented will be determined by a special act of the State Election Commissioner. The amount of ballots that will be produced is for 4,810 VCs with 3,339,704 voters.


The session continued with the administrative review of KRIIK’s denunciation against the municipalities of Vlorë, Lushnje, Librazhd, Kamëz, Cërrik and Poliçan.

In addition, the Commissioner decided to allocate the MP mandate of the Parliament of Albania:

  1. The next candidate of the multi-member list of the Socialist Party of Albania”, Elbasan Region, Mr. Shkëlqim Shefqet Bullari;
  2. The next candidate of the multi- member list of the “Democratic Party” – Alliance for Change” Coalition, Tirana Region, Mr. Asllan Shaban Dogjani;
  3. The next candidate of the multi- member list of the “Democratic Party” – Alliance for Change” Coalition, Shkodër Region, Mr. Lodovik Stak Hasani;
  4. The next candidate of the multi- member list of the “Democratic Party” – Alliance for Change” Coalition, Elbasan Region, Mr. Qani Rexhep Xhafa;

The commissioner found the non-eligibility of the candidate for mayor, Mr. Mark Gjon Ruci, candidate proposed by the Democratic Party for Mirdita Municipality and candidate for mayor of Mr. Shemsho Lamaj, candidate proposed by the Democratic Party for the Municipality of Gjirokastër, for May 14, 2023 elections.

During the session, it was defined the brodasting time of election campaign of political parties registered as electoral subjects, for local government elections.

  1. Broadcasting time of 50 minutes on public television and 30 minutes on public radio, for the coverage of the election campaign of the following electoral subjects:
  2. Socialist Party of Albania
  3. Democratic Party

Broadcasting time of 25 minutes on public television and 15 minutes on public radio, for coverage of the election campaign of the following parliamentary parties:

  1. Party of Freedom
  2. Social-Democratic Party
  3. Republican Party of Albania
  4. “Justice, Integration and Unity” Party
  5. Agrarian Environmentalist Party of Albania
  6. Movement for National Development
  7. Legality Movement Party
  8. Human Rights Union Party

Broadcasting time of 10 minutes on public television and 10 minutes on public radio, to cover the election campaign of the following non-parliamentary parties:

  • Social Democracy Party P.D.S
  • Demo-christian Alliance party of Albania ADK
  • Party for the Protection of the Rights of Emigrants P.M.D.E
  • Green Party P.GJ
  • Albanian Democratic Union Party PBD
  • Hour of Albania Party P.O.SH
  • National Conservative Party Albania PKKA
  • National Arber Alliance AAK
  • The Party for the Protection of Workers’ Right of Albania P.M.D.P.SH
  • Albanian Emigration Party P.E.Sh
  • Communist Party of Albania PKSH
  • Albanian Civic Party P.Q.SH
  • Ethnic Minority for the Future Party MEGA
  • National Unity Party PUK
  • Alliance for Equality and Euro pean Justice ABDE
  • Albanian labor movement P.L.P.SH
  • Albanian Homeland Party PSHA
  • Hashtag Initiative NTH
  • Conservatory Party KONS
  • Democrat National Front PBKD
  • Christian Democrat Party of Albania PKDSH
  • NEW Movement LRE
  • Democratic Creed BD
  • National Front Party B.K
  • Albanian Demo-Christian League L.D.K
  • People with Disabilities PPAK
  • Democratic Alliance of Albania Party AD
  • New Democracy Alliance ADR
  • Alliance of Macedonians for European integration A.M.I.E
  • Albanian Future PASH
  • Liberal Democratic Union BLD
  • Alliance for Democracy and Solidarity ADS
  • New Democratic Spirit FRD
  • Party for Europeanisation and Integration of Albania PEISH
  • Left Front FM
  • Party of Albanian Democratic Reforms P.R.D.Sh
  • Together Movement BASHKE


Broadcasting time equal to 5 minutes on public television and 5 minutes on public radio, for the coverage of election campaign for each candidates for mayor and member of municipal council proposed by the voters.

The Decision on the draft decision “On nomination of political parties that will propose the third and fourth member of the Vote Counting Teams, for local government elections of May 14, 2023” was postponed for the next session.

News2023 Local Government Elections – Ranking of electoral subjects and candidates for Mayor in ballot determined