Operational testing of PEVN, Celibashi: The device guarantees complete secrecy of the vote

04/05/2023 | News

The Central Election Commission conducted operational testing for the electronic voting and counting system, which will be implemented in the elections for local government bodies on May 14, 2023, in the municipalities of Elbasan, Kamëz and Vorë. The voters of these municipalities will vote through the Electronic Voting and Counting Device (PEVN).

Pursuant to article 22 point 6 of the Electoral Code, the CEC used 3% of the PEVN device to simulate the process of opening, closing and broadcasting the voting. Operational testing evidences the compatibility of the criteria defined by the CEC in relation to what the device offers.

State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi guaranteed the voters of the municipalities of Elbasan, Vorë, and Kamëz that on Sunday, there is all the guarantee and security of their vote.

“The devices guarantee 100% voter secrecy. There is no possibility, neither the company that produced the devices, nor the CEC, and no one can identify and reveal the vote of the citizens. The devices provide full guarantees of vote secrecy. As for voters who have difficulties, in each voting center there will be a technical operator selected by the CEC, who will assist the voting process from a technical point of view without having the opportunity to receive information or identify the voter’s vote. CEC intends to announce the result 30 minutes after the closing of the voting process”.

The Electronic Voting and Counting Device, which will be used in 401 voting centers of the three municipalities, allows voting in a simple and safe way for citizens. The electronic vote is accompanied by the printed paper, which is confirmed in advance by the voter.

The device’s software offers high security standards, and the voting interface is similar to a printed ballot. In this way, the voter will have an easy interaction with the device.

Full statement of the Commissioner

NewsOperational testing of PEVN, Celibashi: The device guarantees complete secrecy of the vote