OSCE/ODIHR recommendations – Celibashi talks with ODIHR representatives

04/03/2024 | News

Today State Election Commissoner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi welcomed Mr. Matteo Mecacci, the Director General of the Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR), Ms. Meaghan Fitzgerald, the Head of the ODIHR Election Department, and Special Advisor Mr. Jacopo Leone.

The focus of the meeting was the discussion on the multiplication of actions for the life of unfulfilled recommendations from OSCE/ODIHR. Besides recommendations necessitating legislative changes, Commissioner Celibashi informed ODIHR representatives that within the CEC administration, a task force has been set up for the implementation of any OSCE/ODIHR recommendation related to the competence of the CEC.

With Director General Mecacci, were also discussed about expanding electronic voting, the diaspora vote, depoliticizing electoral commissions, political party financing, misuse of public assets and seeking expertise assistance from ODIHR.

NewsOSCE/ODIHR recommendations – Celibashi talks with ODIHR representatives