The CEC tests operation of Electronic Voting and Counting Device

04/03/2022 | News

The Central Election Commission conducted operational testing of electronic voting and counting device, a pilot project which  will be implemented only in the Municipality of Vora, for March 6 local by elections.

The testing took place at the CEC premises in Lundër, where, based on the Electoral Code requirements,  it was tested the compliance of the criteria required by the CEC versus its parameters. The State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi assured the voters of the Municipality of Vora that on Sunday, there is a full guarantee and security of their vote.

The Electronic Voting and Counting Device, which will be used only in 44 VCs in Vora Municipality, enables a simple and safe way of voting for the citizens. The electronic ballot is accompanied by the printed ballot, which is verified by the voter himself before it is cast into the ballot box.

The device software offers high security standards and the voting interface is similar to a printed ballot paper. In this way it is easy for the voter to interact with the device. 

Full statement of Commissioner Celibashi and video of the test

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NewsThe CEC tests operation of Electronic Voting and Counting Device