Celibashi and Pelinku, media release at the end of ballot counting process

07/03/2022 | News

The State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi and the Deputy Commissioner, Mrs. Lealba Pelinku in a media release, provided updated information on the process of March 6, 2022 by elections.

Information provided by Commissioner Celibashi:

 The process of ballot counting and the release of results for the 6 municipalities of Shkodra, Dibra, Durres, Vora, Rrogozhina and Lushnja has been completed.  Aggregate tables of results have been approved for all CEAZs in 6 municipalities.

As the Electoral Code provides, based on the CEAZ Decision, the winning candidate for the municipalities are officially announced:

  1. Vorë, winning candidate Blerim Shera with 8431 votes; 
  2. Rrogozhinë, winning candidate Edison Memolla with 5438 votes;
  3. Dibër, winning candidate Rahim Spahiu with 13995 votes.

For Shkodër, Durrës and Lushnje Municipalities, the official result for the winning candidates will be announced by the CEC upon the receipt of the Aggregate Tables of Results by the CEAZs, which are part of the above three municipalities.

The preliminary result in these municipalities is:

  1. Shkodër, candidate Majlinda Angoni received 18205 votes, candidate Bardh Spahia received 20125 votes, candidate Xhemal Bushati received 7749 votes;
  2. Durrës, candidate Ardian Muka received 19876 votes, candidate Emiriana Sako received 39157 votes, candidate Luan Hoti received 7937 votes;
  3. Lushnje, candidate Eriselda Sefa received 21477 votes, candidate Indrit Sefa received 3809 votes, candidate Elton Bano received 11238 votes.

Electronic voting and counting in Vora

We have not received any reports on issues related to the electronic voting system. The verifications on site carried out by the CEC also showed that the process went smoothly. This is also based on the Commission members’ opinion and also that of Vora voters.

Electronic identification went smoothly

75% of VCs were opened at 07.00.

25% of VCs (most of them opened) by 7.30.

Voting did not take place in 3 voting centers in CEAZ no. 2, Shkodra municipality, No. 0132, VC. No. 0133 and VC. No. 0092.

Information reported by Mrs. Pelinku:

Electronic Voter Identification Device was used in 933 VCs out of a total of 941 VCs, while one VC was special. In 8 VC, the electronic identification of voters not applied, as:

  1. 3 VCs were not open for the voting (2 VCs in Shkodër);
  2. in 3 VCs the process was done manually
  3. in 2 VCs the operator of the device resigned at the voting day

Out of 933 polling stations where the PEI device was applied, in only 18 of them was the device replaced. Despite the short time frame available, the CEC successfully implemented this technology even in local by-elections.

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NewsCelibashi and Pelinku, media release at the end of ballot counting process