Celibashi meets ODIHR Delegation

01/04/2022 | News

State Election Commissioner, Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi met with the ODIHR Delegation, headed by Mr. Matteo Mecacci. The scope of the meeting was meeting of OSCE / ODIHR recommendations on elections, not only April 25, 2021 elections, but also previous recommendations, remained unaddressed.

Commissioner Celibashi expressed his appreciation for the instrumental role played by ODIHR Missions in observation of elections in Albania and improving the legal framework of the election process in the country.

The meeting also focused on the expected electoral reform, its timely implementation, composition of election administration of second and third levels, ballot counting and tabulation of results, etc.

The Head of ODIHR, Mr. Mecacci congratulated the Central Election Commission on the election administration and the transparency shown, and encouraged CEC to continue on the same path.
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NewsCelibashi meets ODIHR Delegation