Evaluation of the progress of reports on public activities of institutions

25/01/2023 | News

January 13, 2023, is the beginning of the implementation of the obligations for public bodies to report to the CEC on their public activities for the period of 4 months from the date of the elections until the day of the elections.

As stated above, this obligation derives from articles 91 and 92 of the Electoral Code and decision no. 9 dated 24.12.2020, of the Regulatory Commission.

According to the above regulatory provisions, public institutions report on their public activities through the relevant electronic interface activitete.kqz.gov.al.

The reporting interface is the key element in implementing the regulatory framework for reporting public activities by central and local institutions. The CEC has built a reporting system with mandatory fields, which must be filled in by the Institutions that report their public activities, in such a way as to receive all the appropriate information and then judge when the case is on the prohibition of the activity.

The reporting interface became accessible to any contact person on January 13, 2023.

From the verification carried out by the Responsible Structure in the CEC, it results that on January 13, 2023, were provided with the credentials to create accounts on the interface 510 Institutions, which could access the reporting interface to carry out the reporting of the public activities performed by the institution itself.

On January 13, 2023, monitoring of the reporting interface began, generating data from the interface and updating it day by day in the relevant database created for this purpose.

For the period from January 13, 2023 to January 23, 2023, the results are as follows:

  1. 524 institutions registered in the reporting interface;
  2. 169 reported activities;
  3. 38 reporting institutions;
  4. 25 institutions (out of 38) have respected the deadline for reporting (no later than 5 (five) days before the planned deadline for the development of public activity;
  5. 2 institutions have reported on the development of public activities, under emergency conditions for 7 (seven) public activities

Problems encountered:

Some institutions have encountered difficulties in accessing the interface and informing the Central Election Commission. The problems were mainly related to the inability to log in to the reporting interface even though the credentials were sent to their email by the CEC. From IT specialists, the problem has come due to the limitations of cyber security of institutions themselves. 

List of some of the institutions that encountered problems in accessing the reporting interface:

  • Ministry of Health and Social Protection;
  • Ministry of Education and Sports;
  • The President;
  • Elbasan Municipality;
  • Elbasan Prefecture;
  • Elbasan District Council;
  • Fier Municipality;
  • Roskovec Municipality;
  • Himare Municipality;
  • Municipality of Tirana;
  • Tirana Prefecture;
  • Durrës Port Authority;
  • State Cadastre Agency;
  • Civil Aviation Authority;
  • Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation.


Reporting institutions in violation of the deadline, for the period 13 – 19 January 2023

  1. Prime Minister’s Office (1 case);
  2. Assembly (1 case);
  3. Minister of State for Relations with the Parliament (4 cases);
  4. Ministry of Education and Sports (7 cases);
  5. Ministry of the Interior (1 case);
  6. Ministry of Culture (1 case);
  7. Ministry of Health and Social Protection (3 cases);
  8. Audiovisual Media Authority (2 cases);
  9. Durrës Municipality (9 cases);
  10. Elbasan Municipality (2 cases);
  11. Gramsh Municipality (2 cases);
  12. Librazhd Municipality (2 cases);
  13. Roskovec Municipality (2 cases);
  14. Tirana Municipality (12 cases);
  15. Prefect of Lezhe District (1 case);
  16. Water Resources Management Agency (1 case);
  17. Agency for the Support of Local Self-Government (1 case);
  18. State Cadastre Agency (1 case).

Reporting institutions in violation of the deadline, for the period January 20 – 23, 2023·

  1. Minister of State for Youth and Children (2 cases);
  2. Ministry of Justice (1 case);
  3. Ministry of Culture (3 cases);
  4. Ministry of Tourism (6 cases);
  5. Audiovisual Media Authority (1 case);
  6. General Directorate of Road Transport Services (1 case);
  7. Prefect of Korça District (2 cases);
  8. Berat Municipality (2 cases);
  9. Municipality of Dimal (1 case);
  10. Durrës Municipality (2 cases);
  11. Elbasan Municipality (1 case);
  12. Librazhd Municipality (1 case);
  13. Lushnje Municipality (1 case);
  14. Roskovec Municipality (2 cases);
  15. Tirana Municipality (6 cases);
  16. Cërrik Water Supply and Sewerage (5 cases);
  17. Agency for the Support of Local Self-Government (1 case);
  18. National Authority for Electronic Certification and Security (1 case)

The Central Elections Commission will initiate administrative investigation procedures for what has been established in the findings above.

NewsEvaluation of the progress of reports on public activities of institutions