Albanian Local elections of May 14, 2023 – on the right focus by United Kingdom 

27/01/2023 | News

The State Election Commissioner Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi held a meeting with the UK Ambassador to Tirana,  Alastair King-Smith to discuss on the preparations for the local government elections process and the importance of these elections for the country.

The dialogue focused on the accountability and the transparence of the CEC, the process of background checking of the candidates,  non involvement of state resources in elections, role of the media in election process, protection of administration from influencing on the vote and data protection of the voters. 

The Commissioner Celibashi highlighted that the CEC has continued to submit proposals to the Special Parliamentary Commission of Election Reform. In addition, he thanked the British embassy for its continuous support to the CEC and its commitment to increase the international support to the central  institution of elections.  

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NewsAlbanian Local elections of May 14, 2023 – on the right focus by United Kingdom