2023 local government elections- “ Movement Together ” registered 

23/03/2023 | News

The State Election Commissioner, during a public session, decided to register as electoral subject the political party “Together Movement”, for local government elections of May 14, 2023.

In addition, it decided not to register the coalition “Alliance” (AL) as electoral subject.

During the session, it was also reviewed the result of verification by the General Attorney, for the self-declaration of the subject Mr. Altin Losh Gjeloshaj, as candidate for the multi-member list of the coalition “People’s Alliance- Immigration- Hour of Albania and the Conservatives”, Shkoder Region.

At the end of review, the Commissioner decided to conclude the administrative procedure for the self-declaring subject Altin Losh Gjeloshaj, without a final ruling.

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News2023 local government elections- “ Movement Together ” registered