Appeal to CEAZ Decision for non registration of candidates -CSC passes complaints for review 

30/03/2023 | News

The Commission of Sanctions and Complaints reviewed the elements of form and content of complaint no.38  and 39, filed with the CEC on 29.03.2023.  

The Complaint no. 38 was filed by the complainant “Civic Resistance” organisation, requesting “Appeal to decision no. 199, dated 24.03.2023, of the State Election Commissioner “On the administrative review of denunciations, for administrative violations for local government elections of May 14, 2023”, while complaint no. 39 was filed by “Hashtag Initiative” (“Nisma Thurje”),  with object “Appeal to the decision No. 10, dated 28.03.2023 of CEAZ No. 82, Dropull Municipality”, for non-registration of the candidate for mayor of “Hashtag Initiative” (“Nisma Thurje”) party.

At the end of the preliminary  review, CSC decided to pass the complaints for review in a public hearing, with complaint no.39 to be  reviewed on  Monday, on 03.04.2023 at 12:30, whereas the complaint no. 38  will be reviewed on Tuesday, 04.04.2023 at 12:30.

Today, the complaint no.40 was filed with the Central Election Commission, with the object “Annulment of decision no. 70, dated 27.03.2023, of the CEAZ no. 90, Sarandë and registration of the candidate for the Sarandë municipality council”, filed by complainant Mehmet Nelaj.

The lot was cast to appoint the rapporteur of the appeal, the results of which determined Mr. Koli Bele as rapporteur of the complaint.

CSC reviewed the elements of the form and content of the appeal and at the end of the preliminary review, decided to pass it for review in a public hearing to be held on Friday, on 31.03.2023, at 2:00 p.m

NewsAppeal to CEAZ Decision for non registration of candidates -CSC passes complaints for review