Local elections 2023 – CEC starts training PEI operators

01/05/2023 | News

CEC Albania has started the training of the elected operators who will use the electronic identification device (EID) and the monitoring cameras in the voting center, in the elections of May 14, 2023.

CEC trainers, trained a considerable number of the applicants elected as technical personnel for the local elections. The training will continue intensively in the coming days.

Furthermore, the Central Election Commission continues with the training of the secretaries and operators of the Election Administration Zone Commissions.

The training aimed to inform them on the role and duties of the secretary and operators in the context of extracting and tabulating the results for each voting center, as well as aggregated table for each CEAZ.

Also, the aim of the training was to familiarize them with the process of collecting, administering and publication of the preliminary results of the elections. Special importance was given to the way of completing the tables of results for the elections for the local government bodies as well as their transmission to the CEC.

NewsLocal elections 2023 – CEC starts training PEI operators