CEAZ and BCT manual approved 

06/05/2023 | News

The Regulatory Commission adopted today the work manual of the Commissions of Election Administration Zone and Ballot Counting Teams for local government elections.  

The manual aims to elaborate the tasks and the way of operation of CEAZ and the Ballot Counting Teams during the ballot counting process and the tabulation of results for the Election Administration Zone, for local government elections. This manual also will  guide the trainers of election administration when delivering the training of ballot counting teams. 

The manual provides the preliminary actions taken by the CEAZ for the start of ballot counting process, while the ballot counting process is explained by breaking it down into points, starting with the decision of the CEAZ to start the ballot counting process, the preliminary actions of the Ballot Counting Teams, opening the ballot box containing the ballot papers, the counting of the ballots, their evaluation, ballot evaluation, ballot contestation, and re- evaluation. 

The manual explains the conditions under which the box of election materials is opened and actions taken by the Ballot Counting Teams  in relation to the election materials box,  when the  Record of closing of the Voting, is not found in the box of election materials, or in the cases when the Record of closing of the Voting is inside the Box. The manual also addresses the process of release of the results by BCT in the voting center and also addresses the tabulation of results and their reporting to the CEC. The manual also explains the administration of the votes cast by mistake and their counting.    

The manual also elaborates the completion of the aggregate table of results for the Mayor and Municipal Council and delivery of election materials from the CEAZ to the CEC. 

NewsCEAZ and BCT manual approved