Introduction of the application of the Central Election Commission, “CEC”

09/05/2023 | News

App of Central Election Commission “KQZ”, introduced today. This project was realized with the valuable support of the Swiss Government and aims to increase the transparency of institution’s activity. It  gives the  voters the opportunity to be more active in receiving information which is of interest to them, such as the location of the voting center,  the name in the voters ’s  list, electoral subjects and candidates running for May 14, 202 elections, real time data on voters’ turnout, and election results.

The “KQZ” application is a free application that can be downloaded from any smart phone (Android and IOS) and has two main functions: to inform the voters about the electoral process and enable them to report on the irregularities they find during the electoral process.

The “KQZ” application will serve as a communication platform between the CEC and election commissions, to report on the progress of the voting process and the process of counting votes.

The data in this application are processed and stored by the CEC in full compliance with the provisions of law no. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 “On the Protection of Personal Data”, and in compliance with the fundamental human rights and freedoms, in addition to guaranteeing the right to private and family life.

Making available the user’s personal data (phone number for the Denounce section) is mandatory for the verification of the denunciation/report, but it is up to the will of each individual to voluntarily provide the requested information and to continue with the denunciation.

After the reported/denounced information has arrived at the e CEC server, the latter implements a security system of the highest standards for the storage and further processing of this data, in full compliance with the provisions of the law “On Personal Data Protection “.

NewsIntroduction of the application of the Central Election Commission, “CEC”