Statement of the State Election Commissioner Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi (19:00 hrs).

25/04/2021 | Lajme

The voting process can be legally considered as closed now, with the exception of those centers in which there are still people waiting in line at the Voting Center waiting to vote. Based on the Electoral Code, the ID documents and names of the voters are recorded only for those voters who are waiting in line or in the voting center and in this case, only they can be allowed to vote

It is probably too early to come to a conclusion regarding the conduct of the election process in its entirety and its aspects, but according to the information available at the CEC, we can say that this election process was characterized by calmness, safety and integrity of the process.

It is understandable that we could not escape from episodes and claims, which have now become common, or the hyping of issues of simple technical character by the actors. But we can say that generally, the voting process was in compliance with the Electoral Code provisions.

I have to admit that the CEC was concerned about the process of electronic identification of voters due to the fact that it was a very complicated process which was implemented within a very narrow timeframe. According to preliminary reports, there are around 167 Voting Centers which did not apply PEI – in 86 it was not used because the operators that should operate the device were not present and in the rest of Voting Centers, due to problems and inability of the operators to operate the device.

In my point of view, this project can be considered as a fully successful project and undoubtedly the credit for the success goes to Deputy Commissioner Mrs. Lealba Pelinku, who led this project, since the first day, along with the rest of CEC administration and whom I would like to thank for her commitment, contribution and cooperation in order to successfully implement this project. Now that the voting process has finished, I would like to bring to the Commissioners’ attention their responsibility to finalize successfully even this stage of the process, in compliance with the Electoral Code requirements.

It is a crucial moment as it is directly related to the security and integrity of the vote and I hope they will approach this important phase of their engagement in compliance with the provisions of the Electoral Code.

I take the opportunity to appeal to the political parties to convey calmly the process that follows.

No one knows who won these elections, we need to wait until the ballots are counted in order to understand who is the winner of these elections.

Any statement issued before the start of the counting process would not serve to the calm atmosphere needed, the security and integrity of this process.

The political leadership should show maturity so that the Commissioners and BCC members can have the appropriate environment to carry out a secure and transparent counting process.

The CEC has taken all the necessary measures to finalize this process within 48 hours and then proceed with the counting of ballots for the candidates.

As I have underlined in my previous media communications, the entire process of issuing of results, ballot counting and evaluation will be observed/monitored by the CEC and international observers.

From the technical perspective, it will also be observed/monitored and all video recordings related to this process will be immediately given to all the electoral subjects once the results are issued for political parties and coalitions.

The Electoral Code recognizes the CEC right to verify the content of ballot boxes even after the election results are announced. If, after the verification, the CEC finds discrepancies between what Commission members have tabulated in the tabulation of results and what is found inside the election materials box, the responsible persons will be faced with serious penal sanctions.

What I want to emphasize is that we should show at this moment calmness and maturity.

Thank you.

LajmeStatement of the State Election Commissioner Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi (19:00 hrs).